Egoyan Zheng

Egoyan Zheng is one of the most important contemporary writers in Chinese novels. He has won the “Wu Zhuoliu Literature Award for Novel,” the Silver Award of the “Xingyun (Nebula) Award for Global Chinese Science Fiction,” the “Lin Rung San Literary Award for Prose,” Unitas Literary Monthlyʼs “Best New Novelist Award,” etc. His works have also been longlisted for the “Man Asian Literary Prize” and the “Frank OʼConnor International Short Story Award.” He has been named one of “10 Most Promising People in Taiwan” and one of the “20 Most Anticipated Chinese Novelists under 40” by Unitas Literary Monthly. His notable works include Lindidian/GroundZero, The Dream Devourer, People in the Urn, and Visiting Auntie Candy. He is also known for his poetry collection You Cut Through the Light of my Pupil and essay collection Fantasies: Essays on Classic Modern Fiction. The Japanese translation of Lindidian/GroundZero has been published by Hakusuisha Publishing Co., Ltd in 2017.


The Dream Devourer

Visiting Auntie Candy


Before the Revolution
Visiting Auntie Candy
The One I Yearn for


People in the Urn. (Taipei: INK Publishing Co., 2003)

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E ssay collection Fantasies: Essays on Classic Modern Fiction. ( Taipei: Ecus Publishing House, 2014).

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You Cut Through the Light of my Pupil. (Taipei: Comma Books, 2011).



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